Furnace 30 litre

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Model: Model 930

Voltage V/hz 380/50/2P/N/earth
Power W 5000
Mass (kg) 68
Chamber volume (l) 30
Maximum continuous temperature (C) 1150
Maximum temperature (C) 1200
External dimensions WxHxD (mm) 690 x 709 x 765



• Electronic P.I.D temperature control with digital indication of set and process value


• Solid state switching for improved reliability


• Independent over temperature safety system


• Independent sensors for control and safety using type n duplex thermocouple


• Maximum continuous operating temperature 1150°C


• Easily replaceable side wall mounted slab elements.


• Automatic cut out on door opening, deactivates element


• Door mounted temperature sampling port for easy validation thus retaining heat inside the chamber


• Robust construction with slide out control panel for ease of service.


• Available in 9 litre and 30 litre capacity


• Optional programmable controllers


• High thermal efficiency ceramic insulation coupled to double skin construction ensures cool to touch exterior panels


• Out and up door with vertically counterbalanced action protects operator from potential burns


• Ashing option available


Furnace brochure Download pdf 140Kb
Furnace instruction Download pdf 492Kb